How the process is going on

Shoot your item

Good detailed photos in good light increase your chances to sell your items.

Take good photos of the items you want to sell, list it, describe it and you are good to go.

Communicate with buyers

TInterested Buyers will reach out to you. Once you receive a buying request with a reasonable price, acccept it and you got a deal.


Add your pickup information securely for the shipping courier to collect.


Sit back and relax - The money will be credited to your wallet after your satisfied buyer receives the item.


Now rate the buyer and share your experience.

How the process is going on


Search through thousands of items, favorite what suits your style.

Communicate with seller

When you find something you like, you can “Chat, Make an offer or Buy”. As you press buy, the seller will receive your request.

Delivery information

After the buyer accepts your request, you enter your delivery address and choose your payment method.


Once you receive your item you have 24 hours, after that the money will be credited to the seller’s account.


Now rate the seller and share your experience.

Advantages for the seller
  • Protection of your Sensitive Information.

  • Easy and secured shipping all over Egypt.

  • Protection from unrealistic and fake buyer complaints.

  • Payout as desirable and as convenient as possible.

  • No extra transaction/collection fees no matter the paying method the buyer chooses; We got it!

  • Better sales as the new system makes it safer for buyers which increases your sales opportunities.

Become a seller
Advantages for the buyer
  • Protection of your sensitive information
    “Address, Bank info ..”

  • Buyer Protection.


    After receiving your package, you have 2 days to report a problem to us. We will check this and, if necessary,we will refund your money. Until then, this is safely stored with us.

  • Refund warranty.


    In the event that you receive a wrong item or a counterfeit, or your seller fails to deliver, your money will be refunded.

  • Convenient and secure payment.


    You pay once per order using one of our secure payment options

  • Secured shipping and you can keep track of your item.

Search for items suits your style

All you need to know about us

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Virclo’s new shopping system has many advantages for you

With Virclo, you always have the choice to use our shopping system. You pay 15% of the item price for our system fees to secure your data, money and support our service to be better.

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The item is not authentic.


The item differs significantly from the item description.


the item is not complete.

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